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Redwood Heart Tight Knot

Tight Knot grade is heart Redwood free of  imperfections but includes some green sounds knots. Many customers prefer this timber grade as it gives an authentic rustic appearance. Wheather combined with a band sawn finish or smooth Redwood Tight knot gives a classic weatherboard look.

A green sound knot is a knot where the tree limb was alive at time of havesting. These knots will not come out of the board and meet the New Zealand Standard for weather tightness.  Large knots are graded out of the boards and the frequency of knots varies but as an average indication they appear every meter. 


The performance of Heart Tight Knot grade and Premium heart Clears is the same and the decision really comes down to what look you prefer.


Heart Tight Knot is a very popular grade of Redwood weatherboard giving all the beauty of Redwood and interest of the knotty look. 



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