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Why is choosing Redwood weatherboards the best choice?

Truly a Stunning and Beautiful Wood.

Redwood weatherboards are something to be gazed apon. Redwoods grain is true beauty, with a deep warm red colour which is unique to this tree. Long straight grains that you will enjoy looking at for years. 

Strong weatherboards that don't move - Stability

 The superior stability of Redwood means it will last the test of time and withstand New Zealands tough conditions. Redwood's number 1 prized attribute is its stability, once installed Redwood has the lowest shrinkage for any natural timber, this means no cupping and movement unlike many imported and thermally modified and chemically  treated timbers. 


Durability - lasts the test of time

No chemcial treatment is required for Redwood weatherboards. Redwood has a strong natural resistance to the elements, pests and disease. Redwood is one of the few timbers that are listed in the New Zealand standards as suitable for cladding untreated.

Redwood is available in many options including

  • redwood shiplap

  • redwood board and batten

  • redwood  bevel back weather board

  • redwood rusticated weatherboards

  • redwood decking.


These are all excellent alternatives to cedar weather boards, cedar cladding, cedar shiplap, cedar board and batten.

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