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Large format boards for a beautiful  deck

Naturally durable Decking Timber

Naturally durable timbers make a remarkable deck material in almost every way; stable, straight, and the heartwood is naturally resistant to wood boring insects and weathering without the use a preservative chemical.



Depending on your timber choice our range provide you with options from blonde Lawson with its fragrant citrus scent to the reddish brown heartwood of our Californian Redwood or the finer grained Japanese Redwood. If left unfinished naturally durable timbers like Redwood will initially slowly turn into a silver grey.


No Movement.

Its high stability and our suppliers drying techniques assist with reduced no cupping and warping  which is commonly seen in treated woods. Naturally durabile timbers are prized for their  low shrinkage rate, so splitting is minimised.


Deck Installation:

Naturally durable timber like Japanese Redwood fastens and machines well but  you need to pre drill holes in boards to prevent splitting. Its milled and machined surface accept stain easily. It is recommended that you use a protective finish with a water repellent, mildewcide and Ultraviolet inhibitor. 

Deck life expectancy 

When installed correctly naturally durable timbers can last over 30 years on a well-maintained deck. 


Sustainable Decking

All our timbers are from plantation forests and are a highly sustainable resourse. Our imported Japanese Redwood is the worlds second-largest renewable timber resource. 


Decking Timber Grades

Heart Premium  – This is a premium grade that offers knot free surfaces. Because of its high expense it is usually only used for rails and trim on decks. Clear Heart grade contains no grading defects. It is normally certified as Kiln-dried. 

Heart Tight Knot Grade – Tight Knot Heart is graded for strength allowing for green or tight knots. The knots are graded to ensure they do not exceed in size 30% of the face of the board. This is also the most popular timber choice for cladding.  

Rustic Heart Grade - This is a great all heartwood grade that includes some black knots which are graded not to exceed 35mm. Black knots will come out of the board at some point in its life, but this is still a highly attractive decking on all timber species we offer.

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