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Why Japanese Cedar is a great choice for Imported Timber weatherboards.

Beautiful Renewable Wood.

Japanese Cedar weatherboards are a beautiful tight knot grade heartwood timber. The timber takes of oil stain stunningly and meets the New Zealand Standards as naturally beautiful. Long straight grains, that are finer than New Zealand grown timbers due to the snowy winters they endure. 

Weatherboards the are stable and durable.

 Japanese Cedar has been in use as Cladding in Japan for over 500 years, which means it will last the test of time and withstand New Zealands tough conditions. Japanese Cedar is a stable product with little movement and low shrinkage.


Durability - Excellent

Japanese Cedar has no chemical treatment making it a healthy choice for your family home.  Japanese Cedar is a strong naturally resistant timber that handles the elements, pests and disease. Japanese Ceder is one of a few timbers that are listed in the New Zealand standards as suitable for cladding untreated.


These are all excellent alternatives to Western Red Cedar weather boards, cedar cladding, cedar shiplap, cedar board and batten.

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