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SHOU SUGI BAN – Carbonised cladding

The Redwood cladding when burnt with the traditional Japanese treatment is known as Yakisugi or shou sugi ban. The fire conditioning or carbonised timber is a mesmerising mélange of the patterns of Redwood grain and red hue from the underlying wood. This is from the ancient Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban. This Process improves the timber making it more durable, stronger, better stability and more bug resistant. 

For Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi fire conditioning in New Zealand we recommend The Blackwood Project

A traditional Japanese practice of Shou Sugi Ban dates back as early as the 1700s, though earlier examples exist. The process involves charring Redwood cladding to provide a beautiful and long-lasting timber.

The technique was invented to prolong the life of the wood cladding, making it resistant to fire, infestation and decay. The charred Redwood cladding often featured on facades of rural Japanese homes, that were used to store valuables in need of protection.

In the 20th century Shou Sugi Ban became much less prominent due to the emergence of modern cladding alternatives and wood cladding being in short supply. These factors resulted in the ancient practice becoming somewhat lost.

Architects and designers across Europe, North America and Japan revived the technique in the early 2000’s and the interesting characteristics produced by Shou Sugi Ban are once again being used for external and internal cladding in projects across the world.


INTRICATE detail captured in matt black


The process of Shou Sugi Ban is painstakingly intricate and the results left behind by Shou Sugi Ban give timber a beautiful, dark and distinctive patina, as if nature is expressing itself in the most captivating way. The texture and tone added to the Redwood cladding using Shou Sugi Ban adds layers of interest.

With Redwood cladding, the process as always starts with the selection of Redwood and we only use the finest grades to make this cladding. The Redwood cladding planks are treated entirely by hand by expert craftsmen. The brushing process that takes place once the Redwood cladding has been charred accentuates the Redwood cladding’s grain and in different lighting bring outs the distinctive characteristics that Shou Sugi Ban adds to the Redwood cladding.

Once charred the Redwood cladding reveals clean lines that contribute towards the textural beauty of the Redwood cladding. The charred layer is a natural way to ensure an enduring toxin-free finish.



Although the technique of Shou Sugi Ban is ancient, the ebony hue of the carbonised Redwood cladding can compliment the most modern of interiors.

Our Redwood weatherboards can be cut to  you prefered profile for Shou Sugi Ban. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with Shou Sugi Ban feature wall or have fully clad home that blends seamlessly, explore our portfolio and find the combination that suits your tastes and enjoy them for decades.

Shou Sugi Ban has an undeniable presence. If you’ve been charmed by our carbonised Redwood cladding simply contact us and capture the magic of Shou Sugi Ban in your next project

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