Tree Stakes - untreated Redwood

If you are an organic produce grower Californian Redwood tree Stakes are ideal for your plantation. We have numerous Avocado growers who prefer Redwood tree stakes. The grade of Redwood will give longer inground life than untreated pine and is dimensionally stable meaning less breakages when driving into the ground.


Redwood is also 20% lighter than pine meaning easier handling and lower labour costs.


Redwood untreated chemical free tree stakes made from a heart sap mix grade in a 52x52 size and can be provided at any length.


Waikato, New Zealand

We produce many timber products  - redwood shiplap, redwood board and batten, redwood  weather board, redwood board and Batten, Redwood decking. These are all excellect alternatives to cedar weather boards, cedar cladding, cedar shiplap, cedar board and batten.

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