Californian Redwood Timber


Our mills have been milling for over 25 years. We are experienced in Redwood and have been exporting lumber for US Australian and Japanese customers since 2012


We understand custom required timber dimensions, cuts and grades and can supply to your requirements. We can have all timber certified and heat or fumigation treated for our export customers. We work to achieve your required Redwood Grades and are happy to discuss what our logs yeild. We are happy to accommodate all requirements to ensure you receive your Redwood timber as your business needs it.


The Redwood we harvest was planted by forward thinking Kiwis at the turn of last century. New Zealand Redwood enjoys an idyllic climate which gives a consistent rainfall year round providing a moist yet cold climate giving excellent density (350kg/M3 dried) and a dimensionally stable Redwood. 

New Zealand grown Redwood have been tested by SCION Forestry Research to determine its performance against Californian Grown Redwood. To learn more read this article. 

NZ Redwood the facts are in!



Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

We produce many timber products  - shiplap, board and batten,  weather board,  board and Batten, decking. These are all excellect alternatives to cedar weather boards, cedar cladding, cedar shiplap, cedar board and batten.

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