Upto 45% off Cedar prices!
With Californain Redwood
Californian Redwood Locally Grown in New Zealand
Redwood Why is it 45% less than Cedar?

When you buy something for less you often buy a lower quality, however this is not the rule with Redwood. In fact you are buy a superior product in nearly every way but Californian Redwood is grown in New Zealand so it doesn't have to travel 2/3rds the way around the planet to get to your home. 

What your money buys - Redwood VS Cedar.

The simple fact is our Californain Redwood has been growing in New Zealand for 120 years. That means that when you pay for Redwood, your money is buying quality timber and man hours.

When you buy Western Red Cedar your money buys timber, man hours, shipping, diesel, shipping agents, customs certification, import taxes and poor exchange rates.  None of these make you home look any better, nor do they improve the quality of the timber.  

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0r email: TheRedwoodGuys@gmail.com

Properties Redwood VS Cedar

Californian Redwood is the big bother of Western Red cedar, meaning the trees are of the same family. Redwood has all the same characteristics as cedar but delivers a higher density and subsequently improved stability.  

Scion Forestry Research has conducted detailed research on Californian Redwood grown in New Zealand  and found it to be as durable and stable as Redwood grown in the US.

Redwood history in New Zealand

The first documented Californian Coastal Redwoods were planted in Rotorua 1901. The grove of Redwood trees was declared a memorial to commemorate New Zealand Forest Service members who died in World War I. But Redwood has a longer history with some plantations dating back to the 1800s. Many old weatherboard homes from that era were made with imported Redwood and they still have the original weatherboards today. 

Beyond that the Americans have build houses from Redwood since the first settlers. Interestingly, in Redwood National Park traditional homes of the region's American Indians usually were constructed of planks split from fallen redwoods. These houses were built over pits dug beneath the building, with the space between the pit and the walls forming a natural bench. Many can be still seen today.

Get prices for Redwood on your Home 

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

We produce many timber products  - shiplap, board and batten,  weather board,  board and Batten, decking. These are all excellect alternatives to cedar weather boards, cedar cladding, cedar shiplap, cedar board and batten.

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